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The Insurance Company Claim Hotline Numbers are at the bottom of this page,

but please read the Claims general information first before you call.

Claims general information

A claim should be notified to your Insurer or Broker as soon as possible after it has occurred. If you are a person who is authorised to make a claim (see below), please telephone the Insurer's Claim Hotline number listed below. If it is not listed, or you need assistance please Contact us

With property damage claims, because it is not your money that you are spending to repair the damage, you first need to refer the claim to the Insurer. The Insurer will often pay the repairer direct, so you don't have to wait to get your payment reimbursed.

The only reason that you would undertake immediate repairs would be - if by not doing something straight away, the damage gets worse. Generally if you spend a few hundred dollars on emergency repairs to prevent further damage this will be accepted by the Insurer.

It is not a good idea to commence cleaning up the damaged property until the assessor has inspected it, unless it is essential for access, for hygiene, or it is causing more damage. Don't dispose of damaged property before it has been inspected, unless your Insurer agrees to this. With smelly, wet or burnt items, you could move the items to a more suitable area such as to your garage, patio, shed or outside under a tarpaulin, etc.

If you have a vehicle claim while out on the road, please give your registration number to the claims staff and they can probably use it to find out your policy number and then assist you with processing your claim.

To be able to submit a General insurance claim you will need to be either

  1. an insured person named on the policy,
  2. a director of the Company that is named on the policy, or
  3. a person who has previously been advised to the Insurer or Broker who is an Authorised Person. This could be a Manager, a Body Corporate Secretary, a spouse or any other person that the named Insured has authorised. If the Insured is with you when you ring, they can verbally advise the claims officer that they can deal with you, or they can ring up Claims themselves and authorise you.


Before you call to put in a claim, make sure that you have something to write on with you to take down the claim officer's name, the claim number when it is allocated, and any fax numbers or addresses for documents to be sent to.

It is critical that you do not lose the claim number, and that every single email or each page you post or fax to Claims has the claim number on it. There are hundreds of emails and pages of documents sent to them every day, so please take care that yours end up in the correct file. If you are unhappy or confused with your experiences with a claim please Contact us for assistance. 

Insurance Company Claim Hotline Numbers for General Insurance policies.

Make sure you have the policy number or the claim number and something to write on before you ring.


 Telephone number

AFA 1300 728 997
AIG Property 1300 761 195, Liability 1800 222 123
Allianz 13 10 13
Ansvar 1300 650 540
Arena Underwriting 1300 785 544
ARGIS 1300 734 617
ASR Underwriting Bus hrs (07) 3442 3333, After hrs 1300 552 446
Australis Underwriting (02) 9200 4000
Axis Underwriting (03) 8646 0200
BizCover 1300 249 268
Brooklyn (02) 8274 8177
Calliden 1300 880 037
Cemac (02) 9930 9580
CGU 13 24 80
CHU Bus hrs (07) 3135 7900, After hrs 1800 022 444
Chubb   (07) 3227 5777
CIL 1800 112 481
Global Transport (07) 3210 0666 GT Accident Assist 1800 783 251
Hostsure Underwriting (02) 9307 6600
iConstruct (07) 3624 9419
Insure That (through Proclaim) (03) 9660 5200
LMI Group 1300 5644 7687
Longitude Underwriting 1300 442 676
Lumley 1300 586 539
Mansions of Australia 1300 302 868
MB Insurance Group (02) 9966 9777
MECON (02) 9252 1040
NTI 1800 684 669
Protecsure 1300 268 374
QBE 13 37 23
QUS 1300 855 230
Sports Underwriting (03) 8862 2600
Sterling Underwriting (07) 3003 1673
Strata Unit Underwriters 1300 668 066 
Underwriting Agencies of Australia (07) 3272 7502
Vero 1300 888 073
Zurich 13 26 87




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